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The lake size, depth and charts on this page are courtesy of the DNR. 

The area map is courtesy of Google Maps.

There are some common laws / rules to the area lakes.  Please follow them to let everyone enjoy their time on the water.

Please tow / ride in a counter clockwise rotation
Please keep a safe distance from other boats, skiers and swimmers.
Watch for kids swimming near shore and docks.
Please do not operate power equipment when intoxicated. 

We want everyone to have a great time and be safe.

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Tow ropes can lose strength with age.  If yours is feeling brittle or starting to frey, it is time for a new one.  A rope breaking while towing can cause serious injury.  Be safe and keep your equipment in good shape
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Sand Lake: 248 acres, 25' depth, chart
-Public launch at the end of Fletcher St.
-The launch is fairly shallow so deep draft boats will have a difficult time launching.
-No public parking at the launch
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike, walleye, perch 
-This is an all sports lake
-The largest lake in the immediate area
-Very popular for boating and jetskiing
-Sand Lake Bar does have a dirt lot across the road and it is available to their patrons.  They ask that you park in an orderly fashon so others may use the lot as well and keep in mind that they pay for the lot so it would be nice to thank them by stopping in for lunch.
-There is a day park with picnic and swimming areas with the entrance off of Indian Lake Rd.
Bass Lake: 49.5 acres, 22' depth, chart
-No public access
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike
-This is an all sports Lake
Island Lake: 65.5 acres, 17'depth, chart
- Often referred to by locals as Big Island Lake
-Public access at the end of Ila Dr
-Room to park a couple of cars along the side of the road.
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike, perch
-This is an all sports lake
Floyd Lake: 41 acres, 17' depth, chart
-National Forest launch with free parking and an outhouse.  Enter from Saginaw St.
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike, walleye, perch
-This is an all sports lake. 
-Does get crowded on weekends and holidays
Round lake: 91.5 acres, 15' depth, chart
-National Forest launch at the end of Latham St.
-Nice paved parking area with picnic table and outhouses.
-Requires parking permit or daily fee to park.
-Campground with a nice swiming area.
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike, perch
-This is an all sports lake.
-Can get into Indian Lake by crossing the sand bar.  If water levels are up, you can boat between them with a shallow draft boat.
Indian Lake: 218 acres, 15' depth, chart
-Public access at the bottom of Hill St.
-No parking at access.
-Can be accessed from Round Lake by crossing the sand bar.  Round Lake has a nice launch and parking area.
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike
-This is an all sports Lake.
Little Island Lake: 57.5 acres, 9' depth, chart
-Public launch at the end of Oak Rd.
-No parking available at the launch
-Supports pan fish, crappie, bass, pike
-This is an all sports lake
-The residents have made efforts to treat the lake over the past several years and it is very nice
We would love to get fishing reports on the local lakes.  Please take a moment and tell us how you did before leaving town.  Or e-mail them to us at Info@DehnersSports.com so that we can share them with other people looking to have a good time fishing our area.
We are a DNR license agent.  Stop in for your hunting, fishing and orv licneses
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